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Don't be afraid, speak up - silence hides hate

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The Warwickshire Hate Crime Partnership is made up of local organisations that have a responsibility for community safety. The Partnership includes representatives from a number of statutory, voluntary and community organisations including Warwickshire Police. Warwickshire County Council, Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Equality & Inclusion Partnership (EQuIP), Victim Support, Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council, North Warwickshire Borough Council, Warwick District Council, Stratford District Council and Rugby Borough Council. We have recognised that hate crime is under-reported in Warwickshire and that improvements are needed to increase confidence in the reporting process and broaden the support on offer to victims.

Over the last year reported incidents of hate crime have increased across Warwickshire. This increase is positive news but we know that this is only starting point. It is important that we keep on looking at ways we can do things better.


hate crime offences in the 12 month period Sept 2016 – Aug 2017

The highest rate of hate crime offences per 1,000 population occurred in Nuneaton Central, Newbold and Brownsover, Bilton and Rugby Town Centre.


Of hate crimes were reported to the police by the victim

Speaking Out - Philip Seccombe, PCC Warwickshire

How do we work together?

There are a number of different forums in Warwickshire that work together to monitor hate crimes and hate incidents and look at ways to improve the way we respond and support victims and their communities.

The Equality & Inclusion Partnership

The Equality & Inclusion Partnership is a charity that provides support and advice for people who’ve been affected by hate incidents, as well as training to help people and organisations combat discrimination in Warwickshire.

As a partner in the Warwickshire Hate Crime Partnership, EQuIP’s role is to support people making a report through this website, ensuring that anyone who reports being a victim of or witness to a hate incident can access the services they need and get useful advice on what to do next.

To contact EQuIP directly, please call us on 07377 431 997 Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, email us on or visit our website

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County Hate Crime Group

The Group was established in January 2015 and includes representatives from all the main community safety partners in Warwickshire. It meets on a quarterly basis to monitor hate crime reports, examine trends, share intelligence, compare data to national and regional figures and provide a forum for everyone to share best practice. At the outset of each year an action plan is created to co-ordinate and plan activity around hate crime in Warwickshire. The Group also monitors objectives set out in the national government action plan on hate crime: Action against hate.

Hate Incident Partnership Panels (HIPPs)

Set up in 2015, the HIPPs are forums that are made up of community members as well as representatives from statutory, voluntary and community organisations. There are two groups – one for the north of the county covering Nuneaton & Bedworth, Rugby and North Warwickshire and one for the south covering Warwick and Stratford districts.

The group meets quarterly to discuss local community tensions and national hate crime patterns to see if they have any repercussions at a local level. They also look at crimes and incidents reported in that area in the last 3 months. The group looks at trends and themes and helps to plan and provide advice on possible responses. It also advises the partnership on potential new campaigns and promotional activities.

We are always looking for new community members to join the HIPPs. If you would be interested and like more information, please email us on

Safe Warwickshire Partnership Board (SWPB)

The aim of the Safer Warwickshire Partnership Board (SWPB) is to create safer communities through the reduction of crime and the promotion of safety.

As part of the Crime and Disorder Act, the statutory agencies in Warwickshire are required to have a Community Safety Agreement which sets out countywide priorities and appropriate strategies, implementation plans and targets which support their delivery.

Hate crime has been a priority for the SWPB for the last few years. This means that they monitor, and review activity on hate crime, and act as the main scrutinising body.

For further information on the statutory agencies who attend the SWPB and the work they are responsible for visit the Safe in Warwickshire website.

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Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs)

IAGs offer impartial advice to the police on a range of different subjects and are made up of people from local communities. The aim of an IAG is to improve the quality of policing by acting as a link between the local community and the police. IAG members advise the police on a range of diverse issues including hate crimes and hate incidents. The advice helps the police deliver a better service to your local neighbourhood and build trust. For more information on the IAGs in Warwickshire visit the Warwickshire Police website.

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62% of victims were male

10% were homophobic incidents

74% were racially or religiously motivated

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Find out what’s happening locally to prevent hate crime and promote community understanding and appreciation.

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Don't be afraid, speak up - silence hides hate

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