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Reporting online hate

Don't be afraid, speak up - silence hides hate

report hate now

Just because something happens online, it doesn’t mean it’s less significant. If someone is threatening or abusing you over the internet, making or sharing videos, gifs or images that are offensive, or targeting you over social media, it is vital that you report it.

How to report online hate

There are lots of different ways you can report online hate, including reporting to the Police, the site where hate is occurring and the website’s host. We also advise you report on this website, so you can access support and advice about the incident.

  1. Screenshot any evidence of hate crime online

    Try and gather as much evidence as you can about the incident, taking screenshots is one of the best ways to record what’s happened.

  2. Report it to the site itself

    Most websites have ‘acceptable use policies’ that set out what can’t be put on their website. To report, look for the website’s ‘contact’ page, or a ‘report’ link.

  3. Report it to the host website

    If a website itself is hateful or supports violence, then you can let the website’s hosting company know. Find the host by searching the domain name on

  4. Report illegal internet material to the Police

    If you think the website or material you have seen online might be illegal and originates in the UK, you should report it to the police using the True Vision website.

Reporting on Social Media

Social media websites want their users to be responsible online, but when someone is using the site to share images, content or material that is threatening, illegal or violent, it’s in their interest as well as yours that it is reported and removed from the site.

Every site has different methods for reporting, but most websites allow you to report individual posts, images or pages.

It’s still a good idea to take a screenshot of anything that is offensive or upsetting, so that you can use it as evidence to report to the site, or to the police, as someone may take down or edit their post after a complaint has been made, or in some cases (like if you’re using Snapchat) the image will be automatically deleted.

Don't be afraid, speak up - silence hides hate

report hate now