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Hate is not welcome in Warwickshire

Don't be afraid, speak up - silence hides hate

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An important message from Warwickshire’s Hate Crime Partnership (Statement issued March 13, 2018)

Following the horrific abuse suffered by representatives from Warwickshire Pride at this weekend’s Stratford Market (Saturday 10 March) the Warwickshire Hate Crime Partnership would like to remind all residents that hate has no place in the county.

Warwickshire Pride set up a stall at the market on Saturday in a bid to promote their charity, LGBT rights and to fundraise for the ongoing support they provide across Warwickshire. It was not long before representatives from the charity encountered verbal abuse from people passing the stall and, on leaving a few hours later, had logged in excess of 100 incidents of threatening verbal abuse.

The message from the Warwickshire Hate Crime Partnership is very clear: this behaviour is not acceptable, hate should not be a part of our society and those perpetrating such action will be dealt with by the police accordingly. Anyone who has been a victim of hate crime can report the incidents via the new website:

Cllr Howard Roberts, Warwickshire County Council portfolio holder for community safety, said:

“I was personally shocked to hear about the incident in Stratford over the weekend. This kind of behaviour must not be tolerated in our society. Warwickshire County Council and our key strategic partners are united in our aim of keeping all our residents safe from the harms caused by hate and hate crime. We all have our part to play and we must never tolerate hate crime.”

Speaking on behalf of Warwickshire Pride, Dan Browne said:

“It is a sad fact that hate crimes against LGBT+ people are on the rise. Despite having legal equality, there is still some way to go until social acceptance is at the same level. Through our work at Warwickshire Pride we challenge hate wherever we see it and we’re here to support any victims of LGBT+ hate crime to report it.”

Warwickshire Police are investigating the incidents that took place in Stratford and are urging anybody who saw or heard the incidents – or who filmed them on their phone or caught them on CCTV – to come forward and share information with them.

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Don't be afraid, speak up - silence hides hate

report hate now